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Blink Networking APIs

This site is about networking related code in Blink that bridges web platform APIs to the network stack in Chromium.

Networking APIs team: tyoshino, ricea, yhirano, hiroshige
Working closely with loading-team


Issue Triaging and Tracking

Tracking Bug Health in 2015 Q4 (label:Cr-Blink-FetchAPI,Cr-Blink-XHR,Cr-Blink-WebSockets,Cr-Blink-StreamsAPI)

Looking for Cr-Blink-Network owners

  • URL, URLSearchParams: ?
  • NetInfo (e.g. Navigator.onLine): jkarlin?
  • document.cookie: ?
  • Resource Hints (e.g. <link rel=preconnect>): yoav, igrigorik?
  • Media <video>, <audio>'s usage of DocumentThreadableLoader: ?

Things categorized into Cr-Blink-Loader

  • CORS: tyoshino, horo
  • MIX, CSP: mkwst

Mailing lists

  • Discussion should happen at
    • with "[net]" prefix in the subject
    • and/or

Design docs / Launch bugs

Standards bodies participating