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Blink AutoRollBot (ARB)

The Blink AutoRollBot (ARB) seeks to automatically release Blink (roll into Chromium DEPS) as often as possible.
  • ARB ensures there is always a Blink roll in the Chromium CQ.
  • ARB does not assess quality of a potential roll (it depends on the CQ to do that).
  • ARB does not know anything about rollouts or tree closures, etc (depends on the Gardeners, sheriffs and CQ for that)
Gardeners should not have to think about the ARB.  They should feel free to close the CL's it generates, land other rolls manually (it will notice a post a new roll), or ignore rolling entirely.  You won't break the bot.  It shouldn't break you (or the tree).  Any time a Blink Roll does break the tree, that's a bug in the Chromium CQ; please file a bug and mark it as a blocker for
If you have any trouble please email chrome-troopers@google.

ARB is a small python script (  The source code is available, patches welcome.

ARB wakes up every few minutes, looks for an active blink roll.  If the roll has failed or timed out (1 day) it will close the issue and start a new one.  It will also notice if DEPS has rolled past its in-progress roll and close (earlier than the CQ might notice by the patch failing to apply).

If for some reason the roll-bot is causing trouble anyone can stop it by using the word "STOP" (in all caps) in a comment on this issue.  The roll-bot can later be resumed by closing the issue.

You can manually find the CL for the current auto-roll in the "Outgoing reviews" section at