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Required network environment

Network Configuration

MobLab establishes a test subnet to isolate testing activities and machines from the rest of the corporate network. It handles network setup and configuration tasks, including requesting addresses and configuring services.

The connection to the corporate network and the Internet enables automatic updates of the MobLab server image, as well as access to Google Cloud Storage. 

  • [Test Subnet] Moblab serves DHCP for test subnet, starts from Traffic in test subnet only communicates to DUTs and MobLab.
  • [Corporate Net] Please connect Moblab to your corporate network by ethernet port, having proper routing for Moblab to access internet (or limited to all Google services) is a must.
  • [Corporate Net] Moblab doesn't support wireless connections. 

Network Security

  • The corporate network at the partner site should provide security features (firewall, VPN, etc.) to protect MobLab and the test subnet from potential external attacks.

Network Troubleshooting