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Partner Testing

How to run partner tests using moblab

Google Device Owner:


First run the partners test suite on Moblab:

  • Navigate to http://cautotest on moblab, or navigate to http://<moblab-ip>.

  • Go to ‘Create Job’ section.

  • Enter Job name, Image URL.

  • Select ‘server’ in ‘Filter by test type’.

  • Enter ‘test_suite:partners’ in ‘Filter by test name’, then press the tab key.

  • Select test_suites:partners.

  • Submit job.

  • Watch the job run.

Updating the spreadsheet:

  • In the spreadsheet, search for test-cases with ‘Moblab’ label in the ‘TcTags’ column.

  • The test description field has ‘Moblab test’ name.

  • Search for that test in the moblab job run page to check the test result.

  • Update the test ‘Result’ field in the spreadsheet.

  • Update the test ‘Notes’ field in the spreadsheet with the test suite log gs:// path.

Run remaining tests manually and update spreadsheet accordingly.