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Code Coverage

Accessing code coverage results

  1. Download DynamoRIO from
    • Download the DynamoRIO release package from here or nightly builds from here.
    • Extract downloaded DynamoRIO package.
  2. Build the application normally with debug information
    • $ ninja -C out\Debug pdfium_unittests
  3. Generate the code coverage data by running the application with Dr. Cov in DynamoRIO
    • $ DynamoRIO\bin32\drrun -t drcov -- .\out\Debug\pdfium_unittests.exe
    • The command above will run the tests under the Dr. Cov and generate several drcov log files, e.g., drcov.pdfium_unittests.exe.07140.0000.proc.log.
    • Generate coverage info (in lcov format) from the drcov log files using drcov2lcov
    • $ tools\bin32\drcov2lcov.exe -input drcov.pdfium_unittests.exe.07140.0000.proc.log -output pdfium_unittests.cov
  4. View the result
    • Using genhtml from DynamoRIO to generate the coverage html for viewing
    • $ dynamorio.git/third_party/lcov/genhtml pdfium_unittests.cov -o output
    • The html files are in output/ and ready for viewing.
    • The example of code coverage results for pdfium tests can be found here.