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How to use drover

Drover Status

As of today (Aug 26) git-drover is not available, if you do a man drover-git, you will get the following message:

GIT-DROVER(1)         Chromium depot_tools Manual            GIT-DROVER(1)



      git drover is NOT IMPLEMENTED yet. See the EXAMPLE section for the equivalent sequence of commands to run.

So the following instructions are designed to achieve merge functionality manually via git.

Requirements/ recommendations

  • Drover requires Git 2.1.0+
  • depot_tools should be on the default path
  • You'll need your svn username and password (for git checkouts)
  • You'll also need your credentials (for code reviews)


Pre-Req: Setup your Chromium checkout

fetch --nohooks chromium

git checkout master

Step 1: Creating a branch

gclient sync --with_branch_heads

cd src

git fetch

git checkout -b drover_<branch number> branch-heads/<branch number>

Step 2: Merge/Revert

To Drover Merge

git cherry-pick -x <git hash of the change you want to merge>

To Drover Revert

git revert <git hash of the change you want to merge>

Step 3: Submit your change

git cl upload

git cl land --bypass-hooks

Step 4: Next time you need to merge something

go back to where our checkout was and restart from Step 1

Merging to a branch and don't know the branch number? The TPM (release manager) approving the merge will have it. 

After merging to a release branch, try to watch http://go/stablebuilders (for stable branches) and http://go/branchbuilders (for dev/beta branches) to make sure everything's all right.