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Meet the Web Platform Companion Guide

Last updated 3/13/12

The web platform is composed of a large collection of interoperable standards that represent a solid foundation for building powerful apps. New standards are born on the cutting edge, where various organizations experiment with new capabilities. Those capabilities that capture the imagination of the broader community may eventually become a formal part of the web platform.

The demos in the Meet the Web Platform videos show a few examples of some of the cool stuff you can do on the cutting edge of the web platform. Not all of these capabilities have been standardized yet, some only work in Chrome today, and some are still actively being implemented in Chrome. This guide serves as a companion to the videos, providing more context on each demo and the technology that powers them.

Building on Foundations

Web Components

  • Implementation status: Shadow DOM, a core foundational piece of Web Components, is available in Chrome 19+ behind the Shadow DOM flag. Other bits will be implemented in the near future.
  • Cross-browser support: Active interest demonstrated by Microsoft and Mozilla
  • Standardization status: All specifications under Web Components umbrella are being developed in the W3C WebApps Working Group
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Blocks are easy to style, and everything is a block

  • Implementation status: -webkit-filter is enabled in Chrome 19+. 3D CSS transformations has been enabled since M16. Video has been available for many releases.
  • Cross-browser support: filter is not implemented in other browsers yet, but should be soon. 3D transformations are supported in most other browsers. Video support is available in all modern browsers
  • Standardization status: All features are standardized or being standardized
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Improved layout primitives

  • Implementation status: The older version of the spec is supported, and the improved flexbox spec is being actively implemented in Chrome with basic support in Chrome 19.
  • Cross-browser support: Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 implement the old flexbox spec; updated spec should be implemented soon in Chrome and other browsers.
  • Standardization status: Fully standardized
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Debugging on mobile

World Class Developer Tools

  • Implementation status: Fully implemented
  • Cross-browser support: Other browsers have strong tools as well
  • Standardization status: N/A
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Powerful Text Layout

  • Implementation status: A side build of WebKit from Adobe demonstrates CSS exclusions and regions. Work to land that functionality in WebKit is ongoing, but doesn't yet work in Chrome.
  • Cross-browser support: No shipping browser supports it yet
  • Standardization status: Actively undergoing standardization at W3C
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Learning from Other Platforms

Push notifications

  • Implementation status: push notifications for apps on the New Tab Page implemented but not yet available to developers. Notification center work underway.
  • Cross-browser support: Not yet, as this is part of the Chrome extension APIs
  • Standardization status: Not standardized


  • Implementation status: Fully implemented
  • Cross-browser support: All modern browsers can use the payments API
  • Standardization status: Not standardized
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Web Intents

On the Cutting Edge


  • Implementation status: implemented in Chrome 18+, requires enabling "Enable MediaStream" in about:flags. Note: as of this writing there are no security checks in place for access to webcam yet; do not browse untrusted sites with that flag enabled. Security UI will be landing in Chrome 19 for all platforms.
  • Cross-browser support: Implemented in Opera and being implemented in Firefox
  • Standardization status: Actively being standardized
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Web Audio


  • Implementation status: fully implemented in all recent versions of Chrome
  • Cross-browser support: support in nearly all desktop browsers except for IE; Safari requires opt-in. Beginning to see support on mobile devices (Sony Experia, Opera Mobile)
  • Standardization status: standardized at the Khronos group
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NaCl and GamePad

  • Implementation status: NaCl available for web store apps in Chrome 14+. GamePad API is in M19+ behind the "Enable Gamepad" flag in about:flags.
  • Cross-browser support: NaCl only works in Chrome. GamePad is not implemented in other browsers (but will be soon).
  • Standardization status: NaCl is not standardized, but GamePad is being actively standardized.
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