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New Features

Declare your intent to launch/change a feature 

To encourage design discussions and sharing of information about upcoming features and changes with the Chromium developer community,you should use the following process to announce the intent to work on a new feature:

If your feature
  • will require a design doc for others to understand what the motivation behind it is, or will require a tracking bug to help connect a series of non-trivial patches, or
  • will require structural changes to larger parts of the code base, or change APIs (such as the content API) in a non-trivial fashion, or
  • will affect user visible features in a non-trivial way, and
  • is not already covered by another process such as the Blink intent to implement process
then you should send an email to using the new "intent to implement" template.

It's ok to modify the template, e.g., if all the information is in an existing design doc, you can just point to it.

Google internal

See go/newChromeFeature for additional steps to take for Googlers