HTML5 Forms Status

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Updated: October 4, 2013

Note that this page doesn't cover iOS version of Google Chrome because it uses WebKit shipped in iOS.

On stable release

[M5] indicates a feature which is available since Milestone 5, a.k.a. Google Chrome 5.0. [M6] for Google Chrome 6.0.

Common features

  • autofocus attribute (autofocus property) of input/textarea/select/keygen elements
  • labels property of form control elements [M6]
  • willValidate property
  • validity property
    • typeMismatch for <input type=email> and <input type=url>
    • valueMissing and required attribute (required property)
    • patternMismatch and pattern attribute (pattern property)
    • tooLong
      • tooLong behavior was updated in [M13]. Values set by a script won't be too long.
    • rangeOverflow and max attribute (max property) [M5]
    • rangeUnderflow and min attribute (min property) [M5]
    • stepMismatch and step attribute (step property) [M5]
    • badInput support for number, date, datetime-local, month, time, week. [M25]
    • valid as a combination of the above
  • checkValidity() and 'invalid' event
  • validationMessage property [M10]
  • :default, :valid, :invalid, :optional, and :required CSS selectors
    • form element doesn't support :valid and :invalid yet.
  • form, formaction, formenctype, formmethod, formtarget attributes and the corresponding properties [M9]
    Note: form property has been supported for a long time though form attribute was not supported.
    • formMethod formEnctype properties of input element, and formMethod formEnctype properties of button element correctly return normalized values. [M16]
    • formMethod property returns empty string if formmethod attribute value is missing. [M26]
    • formEnctype property returns empty string if formenctype attribute value is missing. [M26]
  • 'formchange' and 'forminput' events were introduce in [M10], and removed since [M12].

Form element

  • Interactive validation [M5]
    Invalid form controls prevent the form submission, and show a validation message.
    formnovalidate attribute (formNoValidate property) of submit button is supported.
    Note: In Google Chrome 6, the interactive validation feature worked only for documents with <!DOCTYPE html>. [M6]
    Note: In Google Chrome 7, the interactive validation feature was disabled. [M7]
    Note: In Google Chrome 10, the interactive validation feature was enabled with a bubble UI. [M10]
  • enctype="text/plain" support [M17]
  • method enctype properties correctly return normalized values. [M16]
  • RadioNodeList support in HTMLFormElement::elements [M21]

Fieldset element

  • name and type properties [M19]
  • disabled attribute (disabled property) [M20]
  • elements property [M21]

Label element

  • control property of label element [M6]
  • form attribute [M19]

Input element

  • multiple attribute (multiple DOM property) of <input type=file> and <input type=email>
    • <input type=email multiple> allows whitespace around ',' since [M14]
  • placeholder attribute (placeholder property)
    • The behavior of placeholder attribute was changed since [M17]. Placeholder text is shown until a user enters the first letter.
  • accept attribute for <input type=file> [M8]
    • File name suffix support [M21]
  • files property
    • files property is writable. [M21]
  • dirname attribute of input element [M17]
  • Support for <input  type=hidden name=_charset_> [M17]
  • Dedicated UI for <input type=search>
  • Dedicated UI for <input type=range> (only horizontal)
  • type attribute (type property) recognizes email, tel, and url
    • The UI is same as type=text.
  • <input type=number> with spin-button UI  [M6]
    • Supports wheel events [M7]
    • Supports auto-repeat by mouse press since [M7]
    • Localization of <input type=number> [M11]
    • Inserting thousand-separator such as ',' in <input type=number> was disabled since [M14]
    • The default width of a number type field with finite min/max/step values is fit to possible maximum digits. [M15]
  • <input type=color> for Windows, OS X, and Linux [M20]
    • ChromeOS [M22]
  • <input type=date> for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS [M20]
    Down arrow key to open the calendar popup.
    Keyboard bindings in the calendar popup:
    m Next month
    Shift + m  Previous month
    y Next year
    Shift + y Previous year
    d 10 years later
    Shift + d 10 years past
    Enter Set the selected date to the field, and close the popup 
    t Select today
    ESC Close the popup
    • Update <input type=date> UI for non-Android [M24]
      It contains multiple editable fields and a spin button.
      Key binding to open a calendar picker was changed: down arrow → Alt (option) + down arrow
    • Android supports it since [M18]
    • Major calendar UI update [M27]
  • <input type=time> [M23]
    • Android supports it since [M18]
  • <input type=month> [M25]
    • Android supports it since [M18]
  • <input type=week> for non-Android [M25]
  • <input type=datetime-local> [M25]
    • Android supports it since [M18]
  • list attribute, and list property
    • text, search, url, tel, and number types. [M20]
    • datalist element support for <input type=email> [M21]
    • datalist element support for <input type=range> [M22]
      • Specified values are shown as tick marks, and the slider thumb snaps on them.
    • datalist element support for <input type=color> [M22]
    • datalist support for date, and time [M24]
    • datalist support for datetime-local, month, and week [M25]
    • For unsupported input types,  list property returns null.
    • Chrome for Android doesn't support list attribute for all input types.
  • min/max/step/value attribute values for numeric types accepts number strings starting decimal points since [M17]
    • ".25" was an invalid number string until [M16], and it's valid since [M17].
  • stepUp() and stepDown() [M5]
  • valueAsDate property [M5]
  • valueAsNumber property [M5]
  • Removed labels property support of <input type=hidden> [M19]
  • Indeterminate checkbox [M6]
  • :out-of-range and :in-range CSS selectors [M10]
  • height and width properties of input element [M21]
  • setRangeText() [M24]

  • type attribute of input element recognized date, datetime, datetime-local, month, time, and week during [M5] to [M15]
    They were disabled since [M16] because of their incompleteness and UI development

Button element

  • type property is writable. [M21]

Select element

  • validity.valueMissing and required attribute (required property) [M10]
  • selectedOptions property [M22]

Datalist element

  • Introduced in [M20] with <input list=id> support

Textarea element

  • wrap property [M16]
  • placeholder attribute (placeholder property)
    • The behavior of placeholder attribute was changed since [M17]. Placeholder text is shown until a user enters the first letter.
  • maxlength attribute (maxLength property)
  • setRangeText() [M24]

Output element

  • Introduced in [M9]
  • labels property [M19]

Progress element

  • Introduced in [M6]
  • Removed form property [M19]

Meter element

  • Horizontal meter element was introduced in [M6]
  • Removed form property [M19]

Milestone 29

  • IDN support for type=email
  • <input type=color> for Android

Milestone 30

  • <input type=week> for Android
  • Buttons, input[type=range], checkboxes, and radio buttons get focus by mouse press.

Milestone 33

  • Step base detection takes account of value attribute value.

Not available yet

  • datalist support for Android [in-progress]
  • inputmode attribute for input and textarea elements [in-progress]
  • Dedicated UIs for datetime type with datalist support
  • type=number value range update (float → double)
  • New behavior of stepUp() and stepDown()
  • Newlines for textarea placeholder
  • reportValidity()
  • minlength and validity.tooShort
  • New behavior of min > max case for type=time
  • :valid and :invalid CSS selectors for form and fieldset element
  • Automatic switching to vertical rangeprogress, and meter.
  • Form controls in vertical writing mode
  • CSS Selectors4: :user-error pseudo class
  • :indeterminate pseudo class for radio buttons