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Editing Components

Have you ever wanted to edit a component's description, add cc-es, automatically set labels, or even retire (deprecate) them?  It's actually pretty simple, if you know where to look.

1. Once you load up the issue tracker, click on the "Development process" link on the top most menu.

2. Select "Components" from the sub-menu that appears.

3. Find your component from the current set of "Active components" (Pro tip: There are a lot, so Ctrl+F is helpful).

4. Edit the component.

Pro Tip: "Deprecated" versus "Delete component".  Both will remove the component from auto-complete, however Delete will remove all references to the component from any existing issues that might have it (e.g. if one were to forget to query for "All issues" to migrate over fixed issues).  Delete basically has no "undo," in case a mistake is made.  Given that errors happen, it's best practice to use "Deprecated" over delete to afford a measure of recovery.