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Working on the git toolchain repos

Everybody who might ever need to touch the repositories that were formerly
at should start by doing the account setup that Anush
posted about:

You can use your existing SSH key you were using with
(that's what I did) or generate a fresh one if you prefer.  Then you
should put this bit into your ~/.ssh/config:


 Port 29418
 User <your-gerrit-username>
 IdentityFile %d/.ssh/chromium

For sanity's sake, your gerrit username will be the same as your username which will be the same as your username.
I did it that way even though I don't like my username much
(and even though I am insane).

This config assumes that you are using your SSH key from before and/or that
you generated it with "ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/chromium".  Adjust file names
to taste if you are nonconformist.  Make sure that the bit you paste into
the account setup web form for your SSH key is instead the contents of
~/.ssh/ (your public key, not your private key).

Once you have done the account setup, then you can ask someone to add you
to the nacl-toolchain-committers group.  For the moment, you can ask me.
When other more adminy people get their gerrit accounts set up so I can
add them to the nacl-admin group, you should ask them instead of me.

The content for our repos has been migrated over from the server, and nobody can push there anymore.  Note that
the read-only mirrors are still stale (lacking
two commits I pushed yesterday), and will probably never be updated again.
But that's OK!

The new repos are live.  The read-only URLs are:

I will look into changing the toolchain builder crapola to pull from those.

The URLs for writing are:


To keep life simple, you can just do a fresh 'git clone' from one of the
ssh URLs.  (You only need a gerrit account and not committer privs to be
able to clone that way.)  It's also possible to set things up to pull from
http:// urls but push to ssh:// urls, but that is stranger and I don't
really know why you'd bother with it.

If you have an existing git checkout, you can fix the URLs just by changing
them in the .git/config file in each checkout.  There is a way to do this
with the 'git config' command, but really I'd just edit the file.  It ain't
rocket science.