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Animations Documentation, Throughput Metrics, Code Health, Capability Delegation, User Input Security and more!

July  2020

Chrome Interactions Highlights

Archives: go/interactions-team-highlights

Animations Documentation

kevers@ has made a lot of progress updating documentations in Specifically,

  • Landed 5 CLs with roughly 1300 lines of documentation added.

Throughput Metrics

xidachen@ started discussion on adjusting throughput reporting interval. They collected data with different reporting intervals and shown in the above graph.

  • A lot of details are missed when the interval is large such as 5 seconds

  • The graph can be very noisy if the interval is too small such as 0.2 second.

  • A 1-second interval is likely a good choice.

Bug Triage

Our entire team has been working to formalize the bug triaging process. We now have a great doc that describes the triage process and our un-triaged bug is coming to 0.

Capability Delegation

mustaq@ has completed the first draft of Capability Delegation API, and restarted the payment spec issue discussion.

User Input Security

liviutinta@ started finch experiments for Browser Verified Keyboard/Mouse Activation Trigger.

Scroll Unification

lanwei@ improved many web tests by replacing eventsender with gpuBenchmarking.smoothScrollByXY. Currently there are 2 out of 42 remaining.

WebDriver Actions API Spec

lanwei@ added webdriver wpt tests, and implemented the wheel input source in Chromedriver.

Code Health

During the no-meetings week, our team made a lot of contributions to code health.

  • The team landed 52 CLs and started a design doc (summary here).

  • lanwei@ removed experimental delegation code for user activation.

  • kevers@ landed patch to fix flaky layout tests.

  • kevers@ also addressed animation/style regressions due to recent refactoring.

  • liviutinta@ fixed a bug to ensure that when right clicking on a mis-spelled word and contextmenu event prevented, the mis-spelled word should not be highlighted.

  • liviutinta@ also started experimenta with Click as Pointer Event.

  • Everybody joined in to create Interactions RTF (Read this first)

Azimuth/Altitude for Pointer Events

liviutinta@ has implemented this feature.

Chrome Interactions Highlights | July 2020