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October 2020 - Code Health, Scroll Timelines, Synthetic User Activation, Scroll Unification and more!

October  2020

Chrome Interactions Highlights

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Code health

The graph shows our latest bug fixing efforts in this sprint:

  • We made steady progress on bug fixes.

  • We held steady on P0s and P1s.

  • Nearly held steady on P2s, which is awesome!

Scroll timeline

flackr@ made tremendous progress on scroll timeline polyfill:

Synthetic user activation




mustaq@ has done with UMA for synthetic triggers.

  • Seeing expected results for non-extensions, but not expected for extensions!

Scroll unification

liviutinta@ organized the remaining work on scroll unification, and splits the work between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. This doc captures the work nicely.

Click/Auxclick as pointer event

mustaq@ is working on a finch experiment on this feature..

  • Ran finch experiment at 25% on Canary and Dev channels.

  • Expanded finch experiment to 50% Canary and Dev (08-Oct-2020)

  • Currently in progress of moving to 50% on Canary, Dev and Beta channels.

Composite transform animations containing percents

gtsteel@ has landed a complete implementation for animations targeting CSS boxes. The above demo shows the difference of running the animation on the main vs the compositor thread (with artificial jank).

  • This makes ~10% of transform animations potentially less janky.

Devtool input protocol

lanwei@ has merged the spec change of adding pointerevent’s additional properties to Webdriver Action API and added these properties to Devtool Input Protocol.

Chrome Interactions Highlights | October 2020