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September 2020 (Vol. 2) - Code Health, Logical Property Animation, Off-thread PaintWorklet, Capability Delegation and more!

September 2020 (Vol 2)

Chrome Interactions Highlights

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Code health

kevers@ presented our bug fixing effort for  the sprint.  We closed a fairly large number of bugs and kept the number of P1 bugs fairly steady. Overall the number of bugs has increased.

Logic clearly dictates…

kevers@ implemented support for animating logical properties in CSS and programmatic animations. Logical properties depend on the writing mode and text direction. As these animation types have different rules for keyframe construction and reporting, resolving property values when there are potential collisions in longhand property names  presented some interesting challenges.  

As a bonus, CSS animations now report computed values when fetching keyframes, fixing an issue with the resolution of variable references.

The above demo programmatically creates an animated overlay on the insert-inline-start property, which in turn maps to the physical property left, top or right depending on the writing system. Upwards of 60 logical properties can now be animated. 

Off-thread PaintWorklet

xidachen@ has been improving the off-thread paint worklet.

  • Previously, it was required to have ‘will-change: transform’ to composite a paint worklet animation.

  • With this improvement, that requirement is no longer needed and we save some memory because there is no longer any composited layer for running the paint worklet animation.

Wheel WPT infrastructure tests

lanwei@ has been working on adding the Wheel input to the Webdriver Action API, writing a WPT infrastructure test and making some wheel WPT tests running automatically on WPT dashboard.

Capability delegation

mustaq@ now has an explainer and a WICG discussion thread ready for wider review.

Scroll unification

liviutinta@ communicated with bokan@ on the scroll unification project, and

  • Started this doc that captures the remaining work on scroll unification.

  • Added a virtual test suite for scroll unification.

Chrome Interactions Highlights | Sept. 2020 (Vol 2)