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Device OKRs

We use Objectives and Key Results to communicate the work we plan to do over the next several months. They are a snapshot, and work may change when justified. We aspire to achieve roughly 70% of these goals.

2016 Q2 Planned

Own Device components
  • Several new components were taken on by the newly chartered go/deviceteam. It now includes: AmbientLight Bluetooth DeviceOrientation GamepadAPI ImageCapture Location USB WakeLock 
  • P0Triage SLO met
  • Several components were not previously being monitored.
  • P1Backlogs populated and prioritized for components & team.
  • P2Specifications moved to appropriate working groups
  • E.g. geolocation needs updates for error messages
P1Create Web Platform Tests
Owners: device-apischeib
  • P1Web Bluetooth Web Platform Tests upstreamed
  • Owner: ortuno
  • P2WebUSB Web Platform Tests upstreamed
  • Owner: reillyg
P1Servicification of device on target for end of year 2017
Owners: device-apischeib
  • P1Gamepad work scoped
  • Owner: mattreynolds
  • Gamepad has not been maintained, it needs investigation to determine how to proceed beyond current blocker blundell identified: "Not obvious how to unwind coupling to Has browser-side clients: Ash and Pepper hosting"
  • P2WebUSB consuming USB from the device service. (stretch)
  • Owners: juncaireillyg
  • P2Device Sensors
  • Owners: juncaireillyg
  • P2Geolocation
  • Owner: mcasas
P1Enable new media applications vertical on the web
Category: Web CaptureOwners: device-apimcasas
  • P1Ship Image Capture (M59)
  • P2Promote Image Capture API publically via Tweets / Additional Blog Posts
  • P2Move Image Capture Spec to CR
  • P2Shape Detection: Start origin trial in M60
  • P2Media Capabilities API for encoding
  • P3[stretch] Implement Image Capture Win Capabilities/Settings
  • P3[stretch] Shape Detection: Finish the implementation of Face/Barcode/Text detection with all sources in Win10
P2Enable new capabilities in Bluetooth, Gamepad, Geolocation, Sensors, USB
Owners: device-apischeib
  • P1Geolocation quality improvements by using GMSCore
  • Owner: mcasas
  • P1Geolocation x-geo header designed in coordination with Location Attach team
  • Owners: dftmcasasscheib
  • Search Location Attach team would like to improve the x-geo header quality.
  • P1WebUSB Intent to Ship for M60
  • Owner: reillyg
  • P1Web Bluetooth high priority issues fixed (those on go/wbbacklog higher than Windows)
  • Owner: ortuno
  • 12 issues on the go/wbbacklog are higher priority than Windows at start.
  • P2Web Bluetooth connections on Windows (stretch)
  • Owner: ortuno
  • Windows implementation can not yet connect to already paired devices, nor discover devices.
  • P3Web Bluetooth Scanning implemented by Estimote (stretch)
  • Owners: ortunoscheib
  • Work with Estimote to implement scanning API for Web Bluetooth.
  • P3Sensors implemented by Intel (external dep)
  • Owners: reillygscheib
  • Support Intel in their implementation of sensors APIs
  • P3WebNFC to Origin Trial by Intel (external dep)
  • Owners: reillygscheib
  • Some uncertainty about timeline as they have several steps outstanding on before being ready.
  • P3Gamepad DualShock 4 Controller support started by Sony (external dep)
  • Owners: mattreynoldsscheib
  • We are at idea only stage in Q1, need a design doc, specification proposals, and implementation work to start in Q2.