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Monday, April 20, 2015

Performance Tracking (benjhayden)
- Audit trace view for layout analyzer.
- Split LayoutAnalyzer::LayoutBlockRectangleChanged into X/Y/Width/
- LayoutTreeAsText as JSON.

Scrolling (skobes) []
- Crashing bugs, fixed use after free in FrameView.
- Issue with the interaction between painting the viewport and view
- Don't force layout for scrollTo(0, 0). (rune)

List marker refactoring (dsinclair) []
- List element pseudo elements, marker inside wasn't getting the
  correct side for the parent container, need to notify parent.
- Found issue where if you modify the subtree you may need to reinsert
  the elements as it needs to be in a specific place of the tree, i.e.
  inside a form element.

Flexbox (cbiesinger) []
- Landed min-width auto, handful of regressions as expected, burning
  down one by one.
- Identified a performance regression, computeLogicalWidthUsing is
  slow, caused a 25% slowdown for flexbox as it calls the compute
  method more frequently. Have a fix that should be landed by now.

Line Boxes (szager) []
- Going after perf regressions. Got a CPU profile and did some work to
  allow perf tools to run on render process only in multi process
- Have made progress on performance, still some regressions for floats.

Blink componentization (pilgrim) []
- Slimming down render object (aka layout object), expect to continue
  this week.

Text (eae, rune)
- Started work on implementing a word-cache for complex text shaper,
  first step is to add unit tests for existing and desired behavior.
- Don't clear FontFaceCache if no @font-face were removed. (rune)

Style resolution (rune)
- Various selector matching issues.

Region-based multi-column support (mstensho) []
- New multi-col implementation was reverted due to clusterfuzz issues,
  working on identifying and fixing the potential problems. Aim to
  re-land before the end of the week.

Layout refactoring
- jchaffraix, esprehn, ojan working on coming up with concrete proposals
  for changes to how we do layout based on ideas and concepts from the
  last few weeks of discussions on the topic. Will be shared with wider
  blink team.