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Monday, August 29, 2016

Updates since last meeting (on Monday, August 22, 2016):

- Work on root layer scrolling continues. (szager)

Scroll Anchoring []
- Support for SANACLAP (Suppress if Anchor Node Ancestor Changed Layout-
  Affecting Property) landed. Should help reduce the number of hacks
  required to support the feature. [] (skobes)
- Aim this week is to get it (SANACLAP) into canary to gather data.
- Dealing with a devtools scroll anchoring bug.

CSS Flexbox
- Incoming bug rate for flexbox is going down, most issues have been
  fixed and we aren't detecting many new ones. Yay. (cbiesinger)
- Some lingering reports and concerns about the abs-pos change that
  will require outreach/evangelism. Not nearly as much as previously
  thought though. Microsoft paved the way and did a really good job of
  reaching out to web authors. (cbiesinger)

CSS Grid Layout []
- No updates since last week. See tracking bug for status.

CSS Multi-column (mstensho) []
- Still working on paint layer issues triggered by an investigation into
  incorrect behavior for getClientRects. Issues mostly around writing
  mode and paint layer interaction. Paint layer is a mess when it comes
  to coordinate spaces. (mstensho)

CSS Houdini
- Lots of work around Worklets for Web Audio and Web Animations in
  preparation for TPAC last week. (ikilpatrick)
- Plan to spend more time preparing the Worklets and CSS Custom Layout
  specs for TPAC this week. (ikilpatrick)
- Working on event loop spec. (glebl)

LayoutNG []
- Converted every backing fragment and constraint space to physical
  coordinates instead of logical. (ikilpatrick)
- Might attempt to add initial support for floats this week.
- Started on inline layout support. (eae)
- Initial layout opportunities implementation. (eae)
- Implemented state machine for async layout. (cbiesinger)
- Added fragment builder class to help with fragment construction.
- Start working on margin collapse. (glebl)

Resize Observer (atotic)
- Finally landed and is looking good for M54. (atotic)

Tables (dgrogan)
- Continuing work on fixing high priority table bugs. (dgrogan)

Text (eae, drott, kojii)
- Complex text on Android is looking good and is on track for M54.
- Investigated a shaping regression on old OS X versions. Due to a few
  previous shaping fixes we now crash in certain cases due to the font
  fallback cascade on old versions of OSX. Looking into options. (drott)
- We don't support type1 (bitmap) fonts on Linux however they show up
  in the font selection UI. Fixed this and in doing so also broke the
  dependency on Pango. (drott)
- Made a change to skia to avoid picking type1 fonts during fallback,
  thereby reducing the number of attempts thus improving performance.
- Preparing for ATypI. (drott)

- Iterated on data collection methodology for a potential third party
  iframe intervention. Missed the branch point but got a patch that
  I'm happy with. (dgrogan)

- Helping Physical Web team with Google infrastructure integration.