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Monday, August 3, 2015

Thanks for running the show last week jsbell. Now back to our regularly
scheduled programming.

Updates since last meeting (on Monday, July 27th):

Scrolling (skobes, szager) []
- Fixed under-painting issue on android. (skobes)
- Fixed a regression causing double scrollbars caused a previous bug
  fix. (skobes)
- Identified that scrollable elements with animated gifs will do a
  full re-layout even if it's composited. (skobes)
- Fixed a hairy flexbox scrollbar bug where the size of the scrollbar
  wasn't taken into account when computing the flexed size. (szager)
- Containing work cleaning up DepricatedPaintLayerScrollableArea in an
  effort to have sane scroll bounds for the root layer. (szager)

CSS Flexbox (cbiesinger) []
- Had a meeting with CSS flexbox spec authors last week and leared that
  some areas of the spec that I've been working on implementing might
  change further. Will follow up this week.
- Triaged a bunch of flexbox bugs.
- Up-streaming flexbox tests have proven harder than expected, might
  take a week or two to resolve.

CSS Grid Layout (svillar) []
- cbiesinger have been helping with reviews.

Region-based multi-column support (mstensho) []
- Doing a lot of cleanup and bug fixing work.
- Containing working on support for nested columns, progressing nicely
  but nothing landed yet.

Add API for layout (leviw, pilgrim, ojan) []
- Working on moving layout box and descendants over to use the API.

Isolate core/fetch (japhet) []
- No update.

Text (eae, drott, kojii)
- Text workshop in Helsinki, Behdad and Drott working on optimizing the
  Blink/HarfBuzz integration.
- Completed tests for styling and selection, found a few issues as a
  result and have been working on fixing those. (drott)
- Unicode range matching is next. (drott)

- Continuing to talk to people about position observer, got lots of
  feedback, mostly positive. (slighgtlyoff)

- kojii on vacation this week.
- drott on vacation this Wednesday until next Friday.
- cbiesinger in SF this week.