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Monday, August 31, 2015

Updates since last meeting (on Monday, August 24th):

Scrolling (skobes, szager) []
- Tracked down issue with scroll bounds change and determined that the
  failing tests where due to a bug in the old implementation. New test
  results are correct. Will require a rebaseline. (szager)
- Still having some problems with the flexbox scollbar change, need to
  figure out why the fix is causing a perf regression. Happy with code
  change and convinced the fix is correct and that the new behavior is
  better. (szager)

CSS Flexbox (cbiesinger) []
- Unprefixed sizing keywords.
- Continuing work to bring implementation up to spec.
- Various bug fixes.

CSS Grid Layout (svillar) []
- No update since last week.

Region-based multi-column support (mstensho) []
- Continuing work on multicol balancing and nesting.

Add API for layout (leviw, pilgrim, ojan) []
- Landed several API patches. Estimate a couple of days worth of work
  remains. (pilgrim)

Text (eae, drott, kojii)
- Working on CJK fonts pri 1 issues. (kojii)
- Working on complex path blockers and recent regressions. (kojii)
- Resolved all open spec issues in Writing Modes in CSS F2F. (kojii)
- Investigating unprefix planning for Writing Modes. (kojii)
- Continued on shaper driven segmentation work. Have working prototype.
  Quite a bit of work remains to handle all edge cases, vertical text
  and emphasis marks. (drott)
- Various Windows font fallback fixes. (eae)

- Ripping out linebox contain implementation following last weeks intent
  to deprecate and remove. (wkorman)
- Misc bug fixes, mostly related to rounding and line boxes. (szager)
- Plugin persistance was re-landed last week, this allows plugin state
  to persist across reattach and is a big win. (dsinclair)

- leviw on vacation (that thing in the desert) this week and next.
- skobes on vacation this week.
- szager back from Seattle.
- esprehn, ojan, ikilpatrick in Paris for CSS F2F meeting until mid week.
- cbiesinger out until Wednesday.