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Monday, February 9, 2015

[ eae gave high level update on planning meeting; separate
  announcement on that to follow ]

We added three new team members to this week which is very exciting!
Welcome aboard, we're glad yo have you!
- James Maclean (wjmaclean) in WAT, new to project warden.
- Paul Meyer (paulmeyer) in WAT, new to blink and warden.
- Koji Ishii (kojii) in TOK, new to the team but has already been helping
  out with text rendering performance for awhile.

Performance Tracking (benjhayden)
- Refined android profiling pipeline, similar to existing linux one.
- Results match that of linux with a few exceptions, more time spent in
  powf() and loading fonts. Almost 3% of total layout time is spent in
  powf() translating color spaces for fonts.
- Started to look into FontCache on android which doesn't seem as
  effective as on other platforms.

Scrolling (skobes) []
- Smooth scrolling now works the same for overflow divs as for frames.

win_blink flakiness (dsinclair)
- Worked to reduce win_blink flakiness by triaging flakiness and
- Flakiness went from 40% -> 10% (!), it is now one of the faster bots.
- Much of remaining flakiness due to font antialiasing/subpixel
  rendering differences.

Rename Rendering -> Layout [] (dsinclair, bsittler,
eae, hartmanng)
- All non-prefixed files renamed. 188 prefixes files remaining.
- Most of the linbox tree has been moved. (hartmanng)

List markers (dsinclair)
- Trying to figure out how to deal with an ancestor being moved. Opera
  has some ideas and there might be multi-col logic that can be reused.

Text  (kojii, eae)
- Make RenderCombinedText less obstructive to the line breaker and
  paint code. Mostly, selection paint issue and a bit more cleanup still remains. (kojii)
- Complex path perf issue that had been stalled due to the slow legal
  permission is finally clear now, hope to re-start with Dominik this
  week. (kojii)
- Folded line_break into TextBreakIteratod, removed unused logic and
  de-templetized a bunch of functions. (eae)
- Difference in preferred width between text and containing element
  caused regression on Facebook due to strict overflow handling.
  Has fix but writing layout test is difficult due to simplified
  text-rendering pipeline for tests. (szager)
- Fixed ZWJ handling on simple text path on Mac. (eae)