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Monday, May 4, 2015

Performance Tracking (benjhayden)
- Trace viewer/rail perf work.
- Layout Analyzer powered by UMA.

Scrolling (skobes) []
- Improved unite tests for scrolling.
- Removed m_inProgrammaticScroll scroll flag from FrameView.
- Removed m_viewportLayoutObject from FrameView.

Line Boxes (szager) []
- Performance data looks a lot better, some micro benchmarks still show
  a slight regression but within error margin. Plan is to try to land 
  this week.

Flexbox (cbiesinger) []
- Discussions around absolut positioning within flexbox.
- Updated handling of min-width/min-height.

List marker refactoring (dsinclair) []
- Found solution for subtree modification problem, CL up for review.
- Change to move layout tree modification from layout walk to
  NotifyChange. (dsinclair)

Misc Warden (dsinclair, pilgrim)
- Moved mustInvalidateBackgroundOrBorderPaintOnHeightChange from
  LayoutObject to LayoutBox and made it private. (pilgrim)
- Made updateShapeImage, updateFillImages private. (pilgrim)
- Renderer to LayoutObject rename almost done, only editing and paint
  remain. Yay! (dsinclair)

Region-based multi-column support (mstensho) []
- All known fuzzers fixed.
- New multicol implementation landed today (r194883).

Layout refactoring (esprehn, ikilpatrick, cbiesinger, ojan, leviw)
- Meetings and discussion contined last week and this week. Plan is to
  have one or more concrete proposals by the end of BlinkOn.

- Most of the team in Sydney next week for BlinkOn 4, many travel down
  this week.
- No meeting next week (due to BlinkOn), send updates (if any) to eae.