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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

- New multicol implementation shipped!
- Line layout in layout units landing this week!

Updates since last meeting (on Monday, May 18th):

Performance Tracking (benjhayden)
- Continuing work on trace viewer.

Scrolling (skobes) []
- Root layer scrolling broke <body> stretching to viewport in quirks
  mode; fix is waiting on code review.
- Page scale factor is a bigger concern: page scaling changes
  content size relative to scroll bounds, which doesn't work with root
  layer scrolling as currently implemented.  Need to teach LayoutView /
  DPLScrollableArea how to apply the page scale factor, which could get

Line Boxes (szager) []
- Ready to land, will require a ton of rebaselines.

Flexbox (cbiesinger) []
- Discussions around absolut positioning within flexbox.
- Updated handling of min-width/min-height.

List marker refactoring (dsinclair) []
- List marker patches in M44 branch. Yay!

Menu list refactoring (dsinclair) []
- Menu list changes landed, with hack to use empty text node instead
  of BR for line breaks to ensure proper alignment.

Fullscreen (dsinclair) []
- Taking over work to update fullscreen implementation to not modify
  layout tree during layout. Building on previous work by Julien and
  James among others.

Misc Warden (dsinclair, pilgrim)
- Contining work to slim-dopwn LayoutObject. (pilgrim)
- Plan to start helping with WTF to Base conversion this week. (pilgrim)

Region-based multi-column support (mstensho) []
- New multicol implementation shipped!

- Working on justification crash issue. (kojii)
- Investigating orthogonal writing modes issues. (kojii)
- Unicode variation selectors support. (kojii)
- Shaping AAT fonts broken on Mac for certain scripts. (eae)
- Continuing work on complex text performance. (eae)

Importing CSS Test Suites (kojii)
- Investigating importing CSS Writing Modes test suites

Removing DeprecatedPaintLayer (chadarmstrong)
- Intern Chad Armstrong started, is going to be working on killing
- Design doc: