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Roadmap / Potential Projects

List of potential future projects (aka wishlist) for the layout team.
Relative priority in square brackets, based on impact, cost of implementing and feedback from real-world web sites and web app teams.

In Scope Projects

The backlog is now maintained in monorail, please see the layout-backlog hotlist.

Out of Scope

Potential projects that have been considered and rejected as being out-of-scope, either due to the projects itself being premature, due to it being better suited for a different team, or not considered important enough at the moment.

  • Viewporting and Infinite lists
    Too early, silk TLs need to discuss this further.
  • String of HTML into Fragment
    This is job of scheduler team.
  • When layout happens, calcDrawProps and sendInvalidations runs long
    Falls onto the paint team.
  • Repaint storm elimination & invalidation
    Tackled by Slimming Paint.
  • UIWorker / Animation Proxy
    Too early, silk TLs need to discuss this further.
  • Expose what triggered a layout in devtools
    Show in devtools which line of JS caused a layout, which nodes generated an invalidation, why it took as long as it did. Falls on the devtools team.
  • Element onPaint callback
    Falls on the paint team.
  • HTML Canvas
    Falls on the GPU or graphics team.