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Chromium Privacy

Our promise: Chromium provides users full transparency and control over the information managed by the browser.

Furthermore, we’re constantly trying to improve privacy aspects of your browsing experience by implementing new innovative privacy features.

How can I get involved?

If you discover a privacy issue, e.g. a behavior where your personal information is not adequately protected, or used in an non-transparent or unexpected fashion, or bugs related to existing privacy features such as the content settings, please file a bug in our public bug tracker.

If you want to report a privacy issue that contains e.g. personal information, or other sensitive data, please file a bug using the confidential template.

For general discussions, please post to the technical discussion forums.

Privacy Reviews

To ensure users maintain a consistent way to control their experience with the web, new privacy relevant features are required to undergo a privacy review. Through these reviews, developers receive feedback on how to improve user control and over how Chromium handles user data.

Additional Information on Chromium, Google Chrome, and Privacy

Features that communicate with Google made available through the compilation of code in Chromium are subject to the Google Privacy Policy. Learn more about Google Chrome's privacy features here and specifically about the Privacy Sandbox effort here. To understand the privacy practices of some of the most important Chrome features that send data to Google, take a look at our series of Help Center articles.