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Contributing to BoringSSL

Location of the code

The BoringSSL code lives at

It is mapped into the Chromium tree via src/DEPS to src/third_party/boringssl

Filing bugs

Bugs are filed under the BoringSSL issue tracker.


Refer to for the canonical build instructions. Assuming those haven't changed, set things up to build through ninja by executing:

cd src/third_party/boringssl/src
cmake -GNinja -B build
ninja -C build

Once the ninja files are generated you can re-build from other directories using:

ninja -C <path-to-boringssl-src-build>

Running the tests

See instructions in to run the tests. From a Chromium checkout, this incantation may be used:

cd src/third_party/boringssl/src
ninja -C build run_tests

Uploading changes for review

See in the BoringSSL repository.

Rolling DEPS into Chromium

Because BoringSSL lives in a separate repository, it must be "rolled" into Chromium to get the updates.

To roll BoringSSL create a changelist in the Chromium repository that modifies src/DEPS and re-generates the gn and asm files:

There is a script to automate all these steps:

python3 third_party/boringssl/