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Clean Software Alliance (CSA)

Chrome is participating in a pilot test of the Clean Software Alliance (CSA), and provides a feature by which CSA Installer Members can record information about what has been installed on the system. These records consist of the following information:

  • <vendor_id> - unique identifier of the installation vendor.

  • <install_id> - unique installation ID (per vendor).

  • <publisher_id> - unique identifier of the publisher (or main product) being installed.

  • <install_time_client> - installation start time as per the user’s machine.

  • <install_time_server> - installation start time as per the server time.

  • <advertisers_id> - a comma-delimited list of unique advertiser IDs accepted by the user and installed in addition to the main product.

  • <hmac_sha256_validation> - hmacSHA256 hash of a string containing all the entry fields using a private salt provided by every vendor. This field is used to validate the entry data and to prevent abuse.

If Chrome detects a security incident, some of this data may be reported as part of its environmental data collection.