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IPC Security Reviews

So, you want to help with IPC reviews? Fantastic! Security bugs in IPC have nasty consequences, so we have a little background check and ramp up process:

First, tell us a bit about your security interest and experience and confirm you've done your homework. Entrusting you with this responsibility only makes sense if you care about Chromium security, so tell us why you want to do this. Do you have a history of helping find / fix security bugs? Have you helped with security-relevant software design or projects? Tell us a bit about your security interests and experience.

You should also confirm that you've read and understand all of our doc on security tips for IPC.Is anything unclear? Can you suggest or make improvements? Docs have a tendency of going stale.

Next, we'll partner you up on some reviews. We'll typically have you do ~3 IPC reviews yourself with an existing reviewer doing a second pass.

If all that looks good, you're on board!