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Administrative Log Messages

When Chrome encounters events that may be important to system administrators, it adds entries to a system log file that administrators can access and monitor. For example, these may include informational messages about enterprise policies or warnings about security events.

These events are logged to the Windows Event Log on Windows, or to the messages log file on POSIX systems. In Chrome's code, the SYSLOG macro is used to generate the logs, and the code around the uses of the SYSLOG macro can often give some context to the meaning of the message.

More information about Chrome's debug logs can be found here.

Site Isolation SYSLOGs

One category of administrative log messages has been added in Chrome 68 to track violations of Site Isolation security restrictions. These messages may indicate that a renderer process has been compromised and is trying to access cross-site data that would otherwise be off-limits, such as cookies, passwords, or localStorage. The messages occur when Chrome has decided to kill a misbehaving renderer process in one of these situations. (Keep in mind that there may be some false positives in the log if a bug in Chrome causes a renderer process to send the wrong IPCs.)

The current log messages include:

Most of these messages include a reason code, which corresponds to an enum value in content/browser/bad_message.h (or, in the case of passwords, in components/password_manager/content/browser/bad_message.h). These enum values can point administrators to the relevant part of Chrome's code to understand more about what happened during the event.