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Extension Settings Full Description

For help setting this policy, see the help center for examples for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

This policy controls multiple settings, including settings controlled by any existing extension-related policies. This policy will override any legacy policies if both are set.

This policy maps an extension ID to its configuration. With an extension ID, configuration will be applied to the specified extension only. A default configuration can be set for the special ID "*", which will apply to all extensions that don't have a custom configuration set in this policy.

The configuration for each extension is another dictionary that can contain the fields documented below.

1: This option is not valid for the "*" id as Chrome wouldn't know which extension to automatically install. The "update_url" setting MUST be set for this extension or the policy will be invalid.

2: This settings can be used only for the default configuration "*".

3: This setting is available since Chrome 75.