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Blink API OWNERS Requirements

Requirements for API owners:

  • Chromium contributor in good standing, with a commitment to Blink’s mission: To improve the open web through technical innovation and good citizenship

  • Commitment of 1-2 hours per week to review intents, in addition to the API owners meetings

  • Demonstrated understanding of the Blink Launch Process [Evidence: Shipped APIs following this process]

    • Internalized the principles and emulated them. [Evidence: links to their own Intents with discussion threads highlighting how things like interop, compat were tackled]

  • Demonstrated knowledge and ability to review Web Platform features. [Evidence example: Input/guidance on 10+ blink intent threads over the past 6 months]

Optional, but desirable qualifications

  • Mentored other teams through the API process. [Evidence: Mentorship feedback/notes, links to threads they chimed in on, that were not their own intents]

  • Contributed to improving the API process. [Evidence: Process improvement proposals, process documentation]

  • Experience navigating disagreements/contention. [Evidence: Examples of such discussions on any public forums, not necessarily Blink intents]