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Blink post-merge FAQ

Merge versions


Blink git SHA: 37d233bde3baaea720a9a81296fa77b63c9d8981

Blink revision: 202666

Chromium git SHA: 70aa692d68ee86d365928edd160c3575fda2b453 350323 Chromium revision: Chrome version: 47.0.2518.0


Blink git SHA: n/a

Blink revision: n/a

Chromium git SHA: b59b6df51a249895fbba24f92b661f744e031546

Chromium revision: 350324

Chrome version: 47.0.2519.0 -- version bump came 1 day after branch

How to migrate local /src (chromium main project) branches

How to migrate local /src/third_party/WebKit branches

When running gclient sync after the merge point, the previous .git directory (containing all the local branches) for blink will be saved in //src/../old_src_third_party_WebKit.git

For each local branch, run the following steps:

And then in the new checkout, after the branch point

If you have the patch locally as a git branch, migrating that would be easier. Otherwise, follow these steps:

  1. Download the raw patch from

  2. Create a new local git branch in a post-merge checkout

    git new-branch issue123456
  3. Apply the patch

    git apply -3 --directory third_party/WebKit/ issue123456_1001.diff
  4. Add new files and commit changes

  5. Upload to a new CL

If you use git log or similar over the merge commit, use --first-parent to walk up only in the chromium history.

The active releases branches will be merged (i.e. won't have a third_party/WebKit subproject) as well.

For CL that get landed after the merge day, it won't be any different than cherry-picking a chromium CL. Just follow the git-drover man page.

To cherry-pick a blink CL that was landed before the merge day:

Use fetch chromium instead.

See this document for instructions.

Bisecting across the merge point