Component:Blink bug labeling rotation

Mapping of labels to owners and teams


Deliver Blink bugs in to engineers who are responsible for the bug area by adding Blink>Foo components.

Example Instructions

We don't have a common instruction yet.  The below is an example, and you don't need to follow it.  Important points are:

Task 1: Handling Component=Blink issues (mandatory, daily)

2) Read the issue description and comments and add Blink>Foo component and remove Blink component, if the area/ownership is clearOtherwise:
  • If the issue has not enough information, ask for additional information, add Needs-Feedback label, and add your email address to Cc field.
    Add a Next-Action value set to 14 days from the current date.
    You're responsible for this bug.  You should handle the bug until you identify Blink areas or feedback timeout.
    This link shows the list of bugs of this kind you are responsible for.

  • If the issue doesn't seem to be reproducible, but plausible, add Needs-TestConfirmation.

  • If the reproduction is too complex to understand the culprit area, add Needs-Reduction.

  • If you understand the culprit, but can't find an appropriate Blink>Foo component (eg. by looking at similar bugs resolved in the not-too-distant past), email crblink-rotation@ (and/or add Hotlist-BlinkNoLabel, this is TBD).  You should find an owner if the bug looks serious.

Task 2: Reducing/Confirming Component=Blink bugs (mandatory, daily)

1) Search for "Component=Blink Needs=Reduction", choose one, and investigate it to identify Blink areas by reading HTML/CSS/JS code and/or making a reduction.

2) Add Blink>Foo components, remove Blink component and Needs-Reduction when confirmed and updated the status accordingly, if needed.

Task 3: Help ensure Blink>* and Internals>* bugs get triaged (mandatory, daily)

(This task is in place specifically due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the increased desire to reduce risk to our users during this challenging time. This task will likely be removed once the pandemic gets under control)

Run the following two queries (untriaged Blink and Internals bugs filed since ~the start of the pandemic) and follow the following steps:
  • Look for issues that look like regressions and follow the steps in task 1 above to the best of your ability. This will at times be hard as this requires much more breadth of knowledge than our normal triage, move on to the next step if it's too hard to make reasonable progress.
  • Fill in the Owner field with the contact person of the component, if known, and add a comment indicating that the issue appears to be a regression filed since the start of the global pandemic. Feel free to email the owner as well to increase likelihood of them paying attention to this issue. Contact crblink-rotation@ or if you're unable to find an appropriate owner.
  • If you detect patterns of components in these queries that are not appropriately triaged, please reach out to

Task 4: Handling issues without Component: field (optional)

Do the same things as task 1 and task 2 for issues without Component: field. If an issue isn't related to Blink, add appropriate non-Blink components such as Component:UI, Component:Internals.
Task 5: monitor stale P0/P1 security bugs (optional)
  • Review all result from this search.
  • Check that the bug has an owner, the owner is actively working on the issue, and is fixing. Re-assign, re-categorize or ping the bug as appropriate.