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Component:Blink bug labeling rotation

Document with tips for bug labeling

Mapping of labels to owners and teams


Deliver Blink bugs in to engineers who are responsible for the bug area by adding Blink>Foo components.

Example Instructions

We don't have a common instruction yet. The below is an example, and you don't need to follow it. Important points are:

  1. Search for "Component=Blink -Hotlist=CodeHealth -Needs=Feedback -Needs=Reduction"

  2. Read the issue description and comments and add Blink>Foo component and remove Blink component, if the area/ownership is clear. Otherwise:

Task 2: Handling Component=UI issues (mandatory, daily)

  1. Search for untriaged Component=UI bugs

  2. Read the issue description and add comments or move to sub-components of UI or other components (including Blink sub-components as appropriate). Set priorities as needed.

Task 3: Handling issues without Component: field (optional)

Do the same things as task 1 and task 2 for issues without Component: field. If an issue isn't related to Blink, add appropriate non-Blink components such as Component:UI, Component:Internals.

Task 4: monitor stale P0/P1 security bugs (optional)


  1. Search for "Component=Blink Needs=Reduction", choose one, and investigate it to identify Blink areas by reading HTML/CSS/JS code and/or making a reduction.

  2. Add Blink>Foo components, remove Blink component and Needs-Reduction when confirmed and updated the status accordingly, if needed.


Public mailing list: (!forum/crblink-rotation)