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DOM Exceptions

Useful error messages with ExceptionMessages

When throwing a DOM exception, please ensure that you take the time to write an error message that helps developers understand what's gone wrong, and what they can do to fix things. Something like exceptionState.throwDOMException(InvalidStateError, "This object's 'readyState' is not 'open'.") can make the difference between a 5 minute fix, and an all-day facepalming session. The ExceptionMessages helper class has a variety of methods that help you construct a more detailed and specific message in a consistent way. Perhaps:

es.throwDOMException(TypeMismatchError, ExceptionMessages::argumentNullOrIncorrectType(1, "Node"));

That will give the user an exception object whose message property reads "Failed to execute "method" on "Interface": The 1st argument is null, or an invalid Node object.", which has been scientifically measured to be 83 times more useful than an exception lacking that detail. In general, developers will be much happier if we give them enough data to resolve an issue right away, so please don't be afraid of adding detail.

Just add #include "bindings/v8/ExceptionMessages.h" and go wild.

Security considerations

Exception messages are exposed to the web via JavaScript. Please be very careful when throwing exceptions that might expose interesting data cross-origin. In particular, SecurityError messages are prone to this sort of accidental leakage.

  1. Always throw SecurityError exceptions via ExceptionState::throwSecurityError.
  2. Ensure that the sanitizedMessage (first parameter) can safely be exposed to JavaScript.
  3. Add additional detail via an unsanitizedMessage (second parameter) if relevant.

Practical examples of this include DOMWindow::sanitizedCrossDomainAccessErrorMessage and DOMWindow::crossDomainAccessErrorMessage. We call both of these methods from inside V8Initializer::failedAccessCheckCallbackInMainThread to ensure that JavaScript can't access details about cross-origin frames, but that those details appear in the console if the exceptions aren't caught.