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Blink API owner procedures

Last updated via unanimous approval: August 3, 2021

LGTM Requirements

Adding and removing API owners

An API owner may be added after 3 LGTMs, plus evidence of the new API owner meeting the requirements.

API owners may be removed if they are persistently failing to meet the requirements as well as to review a reasonable number of the incoming intents. They may be removed after a vote by an absolute majority of other API owners, after at least 8 weeks notice (*) to the API owner to be removed plus, and no formal objection from the API owner to be removed. A formal objection triggers the majority vote mechanism.

(*) The 8 week period starts from the point at which the notified API owner can be reasonably expected to have received the message, and is not on a leave, vacation etc.

API owners may resign at any time, via email to

Formal objection

An API owner may formally object to any decision, through written communication to This triggers the majority vote mechanism.

Majority vote

Any API owners decisions that cannot get the required LGTMs will be decided through a majority vote.

Note: API owners are expected to work via consensus, and try hard not to cause this situation. For reference: it has never, to date, been needed.

A “majority vote” consists of a formal vote among the API owners, at a videoconference or in-person meeting attended by a majority of the API owners, and announced to all API owners at least a week in advance, with option for absentee votes. The result of this vote decides the issue.

If a vote occurs, the documented final vote (including who voted which way), and description of the objection raised, must be published publicly on

What “LGTMs” means

An LGTM is recorded via email to

1 LGTM means: An API owner LGTMed the proposal and no API owner formally objected.

3 LGTMs mean: 3 API owners LGTMed the proposal and no API owner formally objected.