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Service Worker Testing

Service Worker has multiple kinds of tests: Content Browser Tests, WebKit Unit Tests, Telemetry Performance Tests, and Blink Layout Tests.

Performance Tests

Issue 372759 is tracking the development of Service Worker performance tests.

How to run the performance tests:

  1. Build and install the content_shell_apk target per the Android build instructions.
  2. Build the forwarder2 target.
  3. tools/perf/run_benchmark --browser=android-content-shell [--device=xxxx] service_worker.service_worker

How to update the performance tests:

  1. Check out the performance test sources. Do development, pull request, etc.
  2. Run a local server in that directory, for example: twistd -n web --path . --port 8091 (you must use that port number, it appears in the test Python scripts.)
  3. Build Linux Release Chromium

The update_wpr tool automates the following steps for you:

  1. tools/perf/record_wpr --browser=release --extra-browser-args='--enable-experimental-web-platform-features' service_worker_page_set Note: If you change the output directory of build (like 'out_desktop'), you can use '--browser=exact --browser-executable=path/to/your/chrome' instead of '--browser=release'.
  2. Briefly sanity check the tools/perf/page_sets/data/service_worker_nnn.wpr file to see that it doesn't contain requests that should have been handled by a Service Worker (look for GET and browse through the URLs.)
  3. Add the new SHA1 hash file (use git status to find it) and upload for review, commit as usual. Mention the path and commit hash from step 1.

Web Tests Style

If your test needs to interact with the Service Worker as a client (many do), open an iframe with a URL controlled by the Service Worker.

Prefix Service Worker scopes with "scope/" when appropriate. This helps prevent unintentionally registering a Service Worker that controls resources in the test directory.

Prefix each test by unregistering the Service Worker. If a previous test run failed or was interrupted, it may have left a Service Worker registration in place. Unregistering the existing Service Worker first, if any, improves the reliability of the test.

Clean up resources when the test is done: Unregister the test's Service Worker at the end of the test. Remove any iframes.