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Slimming Paint (a.k.a. Redesigning Painting and Compositing)

To get a sense of the extent of this rewrite, one side-effect will be the deletion of the code in core/rendering/compositing/.


SlimmingPaintV1 - paint using display items (Status: launched in M45)

SlimmingPaintInvalidation - rewrite of paint invalidation using display items, property trees introduced in blink (Status: launched in M58)

SlimmingPaintV175 - uses property trees for painting in blink, introduces paint chunks, uses paint chunks for raster invalidation (Status: launched in M67)




BlinkOn 3.0 Presentation, video (start here to find out more about the project)

BlinkOn 4 presentation

Blink Property Trees (also reviews the Composite-After-Paint (formerly "SPV2") design)

BlinkOn 9 presentation covering current compositing architecture

Core team members

Chris Harrelson (chrishtr@), overall TL

Mason Freed (masonfreed@) Blink

Philip Rogers (pdr@) Blink

Stephen Chenney (schenney@) Blink

Xianzhu Wang (wangxianzhu@) Blink

Adrienne Walker (enne@) cc

Robert Flack (flackr@) animations

David Bokan (bokan@) viewports

Close relatives

Fredrik Söderquist ( Blink

Erik Dahlstrom ( Blink

Florin Malita (fmalita@) Blink / Skia

Mike Klein (mtklein@) Skia

Mike Reed (reed@) Skia

A number of other people are involved at least tangentially for design discussions and related projects.

Resources and Design Docs


Slimming paint invalidation

Representation and implementation of display lists in Blink

Layerization based on display lists

Blink paintlist update algorithm details

==Bounding Rectangle Strategy for Slimming Paint==

Slimming Paint for UI Compositor

Display Item Debugging

Some out of date/historical docs are here.