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Chrome OS Performance Philosophy

Speed is core to Chrome OS, as it is to Chrome. Speed is one of the most compelling features of Chrome OS - we get out of the way as quickly as possible so users can be productive and enjoy their content. Beyond Chrome’s commitment to make the fastest browser, Chrome OS pays attention to the speed of all user interactions, ranging from I/O devices like the keyboard and screen, to connectivity components such as WiFi.

We measure the speed of user interactions along various dimensions, with the goal that Chromebooks should always feel responsive. We ask ourselves questions like:

How long does it take to boot the device? How quickly do websites load?

Are the graphics smooth when browsing the web or playing games?

Does the screen behave correctly when the device changes modes?

Do performance improvements in Chrome manifest in Chrome OS?

We collect these metrics for all Chromebooks over their entire supported lifecycle to ensure the user experience does not deteriorate. Every year, we review our performance targets and we often raise our bar. Many of our devices actually get faster over time, even as we add new features like Android apps.