• Implemented in fake-cromo.
  • Seems to provide a mock implementation of modem-manager (classic) APIs, focusing on CDMA.
  • Works with activation-server, which provides emulation of carrier activation sequence.

Start the web server that emulates the carrier activation portal.
# /usr/local/lib/flimflam/test/activation-server &

Rename eth0 to the name of the cellular device, as reported to shill
by the fake modemmanager. (The fake modemmanager is implemented in

This means that we'll route "cellular" data traffic out our Ethernet
connection. Note, however, that fake-cromo let's us implement a
"captive portal" like mode. (That's implemented using iptables.)

Note further that the name of the cellular device must be pseudo-modem0,
as that's hard-coded in fake-cromo (and also used in a default argument
in the Modem class.)
# /usr/local/lib/flimflam/test/backchannel setup eth0 pseudo-modem0

Start fake-cromo
# /usr/local/lib/flimflam/test/fake-cromo &