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Start the web server that emulates the carrier activation portal.

/usr/local/lib/flimflam/test/activation-server &

Rename eth0 to the name of the cellular device, as reported to shill

by the fake modemmanager. (The fake modemmanager is implemented in

the Modem class in flimflam_test.)

This means that we'll route "cellular" data traffic out our Ethernet

connection. Note, however, that fake-cromo let's us implement a

"captive portal" like mode. (That's implemented using iptables.)

Note further that the name of the cellular device must be pseudo-modem0,

as that's hard-coded in fake-cromo (and also used in a default argument

in the Modem class.)

/usr/local/lib/flimflam/test/backchannel setup eth0 pseudo-modem0

Start fake-cromo

/usr/local/lib/flimflam/test/fake-cromo &