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L1TF on Chrome OS (a.k.a. Foreshadow & CVE-2018-3646)

Vulnerability Description

Software running in a virtualized operating system may exploit a bug in the Extended Page Tables implementation to read arbitrary physical memory. This allows guest operating systems to access memory contents belonging to the host OS that are meant to be protected from access. This may allow malicious guests to steal sensitive data from other applications running on the machine.

Chrome OS response

The vast majority of Chrome OS users are unaffected given that Chrome OS currently only uses virtualization for running Linux App Containers (aka Termina), which is under development and only available in Beta, Dev, and Canary update channels of Chrome OS. Users who don't use the Linux App Containers feature don't need to take action at this point.

Chrome OS will not release the Linux apps for Chrome OS feature to the stable channel before September, at which point users will have received the necessary mitigations in Chrome OS 69 via auto-updates. No further action by stable channel users are expected to be necessary. Beta, Dev, and Canary channel users will receive fixes as soon as possible now that public patches are available. Beta, Dev, and Canary users concerned about the attack in the meantime may temporarily stop using Linux App Containers.

Affected devices and Patch Status

Chrome OS devices with Core Intel CPUs running virtual machines are affected. All listed devices have fixes in Dev, Canary, Beta and Stable builds.

For code names, see our main device page.