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Gerrit credentials setup (for Chromium OS and Chrome OS)


We have two gerrit instances: Chromium OS and the (internal) Chrome OS gerrit instance.

For the Chromium OS instance: This is where most of the development happens. You do not have to be an "official" Chromium contributor or Googler or anything else to interact with the Chromium OS gerrit instance and/or upload changes to it. We restrict access by only allowing certain people to approve changes before they're allowed to go into the main tree.

For the internal Chrome OS instance: Access is restricted to Googlers and partners with a '<partner>' email address.

The gerrit instance for Chromium OS and Chrome OS uses Google Accounts to provide authentication. This means any account you can use to log into can also be used to authenticate with Gerrit.

(EVERYONE) To get access to the Chromium Gerrit instance

Follow the steps in Chromium's Gerrit Guide.

(Googlers & Partners) To get access to the internal Chrome Gerrit instance

  1. (Googlers only) You must also do the steps above for your @chromium account first
  2. Go to and verify you are logged into your account
  3. In the same window and session, load
    1. Make sure you are logged into your account.
    2. You can verify this by ensuring that the Username field looks like git-<user>
  4. Follow the directions on the new-password page to append to your .gitcookies file. You should click the radio button labeled "only" if it exists.
  5. Verification:
    • Googlers - Run git ls-remote
    • Partners - Find a repo in your local manifest and run git ls-remote<REPO_PATH>.git - Example: git ls-remote
    • Note that This should not prompt for any credentials, and should just print out a list of git references.

Follow the steps in Chromium's Gerrit Guide. You must link your accounts to have proper access in Gerrit.

Using Gerrit

Check out the Contributing Guide for using Gerrit and getting through the Chromium OS review process.

More Gerrit Tips

Check out the random tips in Chromium's Gerrit Guide.