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Controlling Enabled Consoles


The set of enabled consoles (serial tty or virtual terminal (VT)) used to require a combination of USE flags and custom package installs. With the new chromeos-base/tty package, all you have to do is set a single variable in your make.conf.

By default, only tty2 is enabled.

Enabling Specific tty Devices

Each tty device will have an init script in /etc/init with a name like console-tty1.conf.

Temporary Testing

You can declare which console to activate through the TTY_CONSOLE expanded flag.

If you do not want to rebuild the whole system, you can just rebuild chromeos-base/tty with the right flag:

USE="tty_console_tty1 tty_console_tty2" emerge-${BOARD} chromeos-base/tty

Changing Board Defaults

If you want your overlay to install an extra script by default, add the following line to your make.conf:


Which tty are available?

The tty available are listed in chromeos-base/tty ebuild.

The current list of tty's: