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Developer Library

The Chromium OS Developer Library is the authoritative collection of resources and materials that enable engineers to efficiently develop the platform.

🚧 The library is currently under construction. See the CrOS Developer Library Proposal for more information.

Getting Started

Whether you are new to Chromium OS development or unpacking a new workstation, the Getting Started guide provides step-by-step instructions to go from an empty directory to building and uploading changes for review.


The Reference section contain information about the systems developers rely on including tools, infrastructure, APIs, technologies and terms. Reading through these resources will give you a deeper understanding of which systems exist, how and why they were created, and how these pieces fit together in the development process.


Guides help you get specific tasks done. They answer the question of 'How do I?' Look here for common recipes, tips-and-tricks, and advice to help you get your tasks done.


Develop your skills by accessing learning-based content such as code labs, presentations, and training session videos.