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Reporting ChromeOS bugs in the buganizer public tracker

Thank you for your interest in ChromeOS!

You can help improve ChromeOS by reporting issues and feature requests in the ChromeOS Public Tracker. The ChromeOS Public Tracker contains a list of pending technical tasks across a variety of topics, information relevant to those tasks, and information about progress on those tasks, including which ones might get worked on in the short term.

Note: To learn how to use Issue Tracker, see the Issue Tracker developer documentation. Also, there are no guarantees that any particular bug can be fixed in any particular release.

The ChromeOS Public Tracker isn't a customer support forum. For support information, see the Chromebook help center.

To see what happens to your bug after you report it, read Life of a Bug.

Should you report a bug?

The bug tracker is used by the people who develop ChromeOS to track our work and to collaborate with each other. Bug reports and the conversations within them are highly technical.

Bug reports are NOT a support forum. If you want user-focused ways to let us know about a problem or get an answer to a question, a bug report is probably not the best choice. There are other things you can do that will probably work better.

Filing a bug

  1. Use the right tracker. ChromeOS bugs should be reported in the Chrome OS Public Tracker. If you file issues elsewhere (e.g., there is a good chance we won’t see them.
  2. Browse for the correct component, such as Cellular or Graphics, and fill out the provided template. Or select the desired bug queue from the tables below.

Tip: Some components contain subcomponents, like Gaming > Steam and Gaming > Stadia.

  1. Include as much information in the bug as you can, following the instructions for the bug queue that you're targeting. A bug that simply says something isn't working doesn't help much, and will probably be closed without any action. The amount of detail that you provide, such as log files, repro steps, and even a patch set, helps us address your issue.

***promo In particular, a good bug report would be one that contains:

* A concise 1-2 sentence summary.

Good: “Video goes black every 5 seconds on some Youtube videos.”
Bad: “YouTube is glitching! Fix it!”.

* What you were doing when the problem happened. Be as detailed as

Good: “I was in class in Google Meet, and the teacher sent us a link to
the video at <url>”
Bad: “The thing the teacher sent us didn’t work.”

* What did you see? Again, be as detailed as possible. Were there any
error messages?
* Did it just happen once, always or only sometimes? Reproduction steps
are the single most valuable thing we need.
* Screenshots, videos, or any other info you can think of.
Just remember that bugs are public, so don’t include anything you’re not
comfortable with being visible to the public.

  1. Consider also filing a feedback report. Feedback reports contain diagnostic info we can use to investigate. If you file a feedback report as well, please mention it in the bug so we know to look for it and can link the two together.

Bug queues

The ChromeOS Public Tracker is used by developers to track ChromeOS bugs and feature requests. New issues submitted here are periodically triaged and examined by component owners. It has a variety of subcomponents in a number of categories related to ChromeOS. There are subcomponents for Apps, I/O, Connectivity, Services, and System.


If you want to report a security bug, please follow Reporting Security Bugs.

The Security component in the ChromeOS Public Tracker is for issues in Chrome OS userland daemons like cryptohome, chaps, attestation, etc. These are also issues related to hardware-backed security features like user data encryption, keystore and attestation. All other security issues have to be privately and securely opened using the link above, please do not file them here.


If you find an issue that impacts an aspect of ChromeOS connectivity, file your bug in one of these components.

Browse all Connectivity issues

Browse File
Bluetooth Report Bug
Cellular Report Bug
Network Report Bug
WiFi Report Bug


If you find an issue that impacts ChromeOS core services, file a bug in one of these components.

Browse all Services issues

Browse File
Install Report Bug
Update Report Bug
Fingerprint Report Bug
Provisioning Report Bug
Printing Report Bug


If you find an issue that impacts any ChromeOS media, file a bug in one of these components.

Browse all Multimedia issues

Browse File
Audio Report Bug
Camera Report Bug
Display Report Bug
Other Media Report Bug
Video Report Bug


If you find an issue that impacts ChromeOS peripherals, file a bug in one of these components.

Browse all Peripherals issues

Browse File
Input Report Bug
Sensors Report Bug
Storage Report Bug
USB Report Bug

Core Systems

If you find a core ChromeOS System issue, please file it in one of the following components.

Browse all Core Systems issues

Browse File
ARC++ Report Bug
Factory Report Bug
Firmware Report Bug
Graphics Report Bug
Hardware Report Bug
Hardware-backed Security Report Bug
Kernel Report Bug
Memory Report Bug
Performance Report Bug
Power Report Bug
Virtualization Report Bug