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Creating local mirrors


While git works great for keeping things up-to-date and for speeding up network transfers (when you need to pull in new commits), the sheer size of the ChromiumOS repository is still a hurdle for many groups. Your company might not have the greatest connection to the machine where the repositories are hosted, or perhaps even your region or country have bottlenecks our of your control. In these cases, you probably don't want all of the engineers in your company doing the same multi-gigabyte repository mirroring on their various machines as this can prohibitively slow to development. Especially if something goes wrong and they want to create a fresh checkout!

Have no fear though, it is easy to create your own local mirror of the Chromium OS repository, keep it up-to-date, and have all local people pull from that. And for those people who want to contribute back, it's easy to do that too!


You will need one machine that has a public network connection (for fetching updates from the Chromium OS repository), as well as running a git service (so your local people can then mirror from your system). While a dedicated machine is obviously recommended (as the machine will be seeing a lot of network and disk traffic), an existing system will suffice.

You will not need root as all of the operations can be run as a normal user.

Helper Script

Rather than having to maintain the mirror manually, we've written a script that should automate things for you. To fetch it:

wget '' -O - | base64 -d > cros_mirror
chmod a+rx cros_mirror

Server Setup

You will need two bits of information:

Let's assume you're going to store the code in /home/cros/mirror/ and run a local git repo from a machine known as "local-cros-mirror". Pick any other settings you like.

Initial Sync

The first transfer of source code will take a while (depending on the speed of your connection to our servers) as it will be fetching many gigabytes of data.

./cros_mirror -r /home/cros/mirror -u git://local-cros-mirror

Once that finishes, you're ready to start serving up data!

Keeping up-to-date

You can put this command into a cronjob to keep the tree up-to-date:

./cros_mirror -r /home/cros/mirror

It should automatically load the previous settings, and be race free from other users pulling from it simultaneously.

Example Server Usage

With these example settings, you could launch a git instance (as any user who has read access to the mirror dir, so doesn't require root) like so:

git daemon --base-path=/home/cros/mirror/ --export-all

And then your users could pull from it like so:

repo init git://local-cros-mirror/chromiumos/manifest.git

Alternative Client Usage (git insteadOf)

The helper script works by rewriting the manifest on the fly to point to the local system. Clients can support this locally without needing to use the rewritten manifest by using the insteadOf config.

git config "url.git://local-cros-mirror.insteadOf" ""