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Firmware uprev troubleshooting

Missing 'component_manifest.json' in bcs://*.tbz2

If you see the following error message in the CQ:

 * Build BCS firmware updater to chromeos-firmwareupdate: -i /build/corsola/tmp/portage/chromeos-base/chromeos-firmware-corsola-0.0.1-r100/distdir -c /build/corsola/usr/share/chromeos-config/yaml/config.yaml --ec_component_manifest_output cme
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 1676, in <module>
  File "./", line 1672, in main
  File "./", line 1602, in Start
    images, ec_component_manifests = self._WriteFirmwareImages(
  File "./", line 1438, in _WriteFirmwareImages
    fw_source = self._ExtractFirmware(firmware, unpack_dir)
  File "./", line 1403, in _ExtractFirmware
    raise PackError(
__main__.PackError: Missing 'component_manifest.json' in bcs://Skitty_EC.15194.195.0.tbz2

that means the BCS tarball bcs://Skitty_EC.15194.195.0.tbz2 was not correctly packed. Please do the following steps to re-upload the BCS tarball:

  1. Use repack_firmware_tars (or your own script) to create the correct AP and EC tarballs. The EC tarball must contain both ec.bin and component_manifest.json. If the firmware archive (such as ChromeOS-firmware-R109-15194.10.0-corsola.tar.bz2) doesn't contain component_manifest.json, please contact
  2. Since BCS files cannot be overwritten by most people, rename the tarballs by incrementing the "patch version". For example, rename Skitty_EC.15194.195.0.tbz2 to Skitty_EC.15194.195.1.tbz2.
  3. Upload the new AP and EC tarballs to BCS. Actually, only the EC tarball needs to be re-uploaded. However, some projects' configs don't support separating AP and EC versions. In that case, re-uploading both AP and EC tarballs might be easier.
  4. Revert your repositories to a clean state (especially the chromeos-base/chromeos-firmware-*/Manifest file in the private overlay).
  5. Follow the usual firmware uprev flow (changing the firmware version in project's config, building chromeos-firmware-${BOARD}, uploading CLs, ...). Please remember to update the "patch version" in project's config (usually to match the BCS file name.