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Remote Trybots

*** note NOTE: Sorry, but this tool is only available to Google employees.

Remote trybots allow you to perform a trybot run of multiple configs/boards in parallel on remote servers. A trybot allows you to emulate a normal build run with a set of your changes. The changes are applied to tip of tree (ToT).

It supports building both Gerrit CLs as well as changes you've committed locally but haven't yet uploaded.

See the remote tryjobs list for a list of running jobs.

Getting Started

Run the following to see a list of common configs:

$ cros tryjob --list

See the full set of options:

$ cros tryjob --help

*** note NOTE: Googlers, the first time you attempt to start a tryjob, it will initiate the sign-in flow. If you accidentally use your account, you can run cipd auth-logout && cipd auth-login to switch to your account.

Build a Gerrit CL

$ cros tryjob -g [*]<cl_1> [-g ...] config [config...]

Substitute [config [config...]] with a space-separated list of your desired configs. Prepend a * to the CL ID to indicate it's an internal CL. The CL ID can be a Gerrit Change-ID or a change number.


$ cros tryjob -g 4168 -g *1234 caroline-llvm-toolchain-tryjob caroline-release-tryjob

This runs a tryjob for the caroline-llvm-toolchain and caroline-release configs in parallel. It applies two CL's:

  1. An external CL using a Gerrit change number.
  2. An internal CL using a Gerrit change number.

In the case where a CL has several patches associated with it, the latest patch is used.

Build a local change

$ cros tryjob -p <project1>[:<branch1>] [-p ...] config [config..]

Specify the name of the project (not the path, look for Project: in repo info) and optionally the project branch. If no branch is specified the current branch of the project will be used.


$ cros tryjob -p chromiumos/chromite -p chromiumos/overlays/chromiumos-overlay:my_branch amd64-generic-unittest-stress

This patches in any commits in project chromiumos/chromite's current branch and on branch my_branch in project chromiumos/overlays/chromiumos-overlay.

Testing on a release branch

To test patches for a release branch (i.e., R79, R80) use the --branch (-b) option with -g:

(outside) $ ~/chromiumos/chromite/bin/cros tryjob -b release-R79-12607.B -g 1906723 nocturne-release-tryjob

***note NOTE: When triggered a release branch, you must run cros from a ToT checkout and not just the local checkout, which is why the above command shows the full path.

Create an official release with a trybot

The --production flag allows triggering an official release build. You should consult with the ChromeOS CI Bobby before using.

Trigger a release build using ToT for the hatch board:

$ cros tryjob --production hatch-release

Trigger a release build using the R79 branch (release-R79-12607.B) for the hatch board:

$ cros tryjob --production --branch release-R79-12607.B hatch-release

Finding your trybot runs

When you launch your tryjob, it will print a link showing where to find your run.

For example:

$ cros tryjob -g 288223 caroline-release-tryjob
Verifying patches...
Submitting tryjob...

Tryjob submitted!
To view your tryjobs, visit:

You can also search for jobs created by a specific user (email address).

Flashing a trybot image

If you want to flash an image built in trybot to your DUT you can use an xbuddy reference like so:

  1. Get the value of "artifact_link" in "Output Properties" of your job.

  2. Form the xbuddy reference with part of that value: xbuddy://remote/${ARTIFACT}.

For example:

cros flash ${DUT} xbuddy://remote/eve-release-tryjob/R89-13729.34.0-b4804932/test