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Provide a concrete solution for commonly encountered problems on Chromium to mitigate the steep learning curve and to improve productivity.


The chromium project is large and complicated. The learning curve is steep. Nooglers are joining our teams constantly. We often found that while it does not take much effort to write the code, it does take lots of effort figuring out how to do it.

NOTE: this is not a replacement for good documentation.

Writing Guidance

Suggested contents for a recipe


Tip: provide a short, descriptive title for the recipe.


Tip: list background knowledge that may require to solve the problem.


Tip: state the problem facing.


Tip: list the key concepts, steps to solve the problem.

Example CL

Tip: provide a good reference CL. It does not have to be yours.


Tip: provide links to docs, other recipes if any.


Tip: share thoughts, comments if any, examples:

  • Other possible use cases
  • Comparison with other solutions


  1. How to organize the recipes?

    • Keep closely related recipes in one file.
    • Organize by tech areas, topics, etc.
    • Re-categorize as needed.
  2. Who is responsible for maintenance?

    • Everyone is welcome to contribute.