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LTE: manual E362 setup

E362 modems are supported on the Link platform because the make.conf file specifies USE=modemmanager-next. There should be nothing special you need to do, other than to make sure that you are running shill and not flimflam.

LTE Support on Alex

For developers using older hardware, e.g. Alex, the following instructions are still relevant.

How to set up to manually test and use a Novatel E362 LTE modem (updated 2012-2-14) (This should all be handled by Shill in the near future) You will need: - ChromeOS dev system - ChromeOS device with an E362 + appropriate SIM On your dev server, in the chroot, run: emerge-${BOARD} --unmerge net-misc/modemmanager modemmanager-next-interfaces virtual/modemmanager

start-devserver On the device, as root, run: stop modemmanager mount -o remount,rw / emerge --unmerge net-misc/modemmanager modemmanager-next-interfaces virtual/modemmanager Set up the network to dev server, USB ethernet or whatever, in your usual manner, and run: USE=modemmanager_next gmerge --accept_stable virtual/modemmanager start modemmanager

mmcli -L mmcli -m 0 Confirm that the modem is detected - this command should produce about 20 lines of status about the device. To connect: ifconfig eth0 down mmcli -m 0 --simple-connect="" ifconfig eth0 up This last command triggers flimflam to run DHCP and configure the interface. -> Make sure you unplug USB Ethernet devices and disable wifi before running speedtest or similar! To disconnect: mmcli -m 0 --simple-disconnect